Kessick Wine Cellars – The Choice for Wine Collectors, Interior Designers, Dealers and Architects

With a family tradition of wine connoisseurs, father and son team, Ralph and Robert Bass started Kessick Wine Cellars in 2004 to meet the demand for personal wine storage systems.  Kessick Wine Cellars manufactures high quality, Sapele mahogany as well as oak, walnut and other custom-wood wine racks, from small 14” under-counter units to completely climate controlled rooms; even utilizing unused closet spaces. Our products are unique to the industry in quality, design flexibility, wood type, finish options and our standard ‘Estate Series’ components are shipped fully assembled. 

Kessick is proud to offer their wine racking and storage options through Showcase Kitchens as the exclusive Northeast K & B distributor.  We invite you to visit their website or speak with one of our consultants at Showcase Kitchens to plan your personalized wine build-out.  Kessick’s objective is the same as yours: to combine aesthetics, function and sound building science to create the perfect wine cellar and environment personalized to you and your clients.

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