The Second Important Choice - Countertop Edges

Selecting your countertop material is the first big decision.  The second important choice, one that homeowners generally do not consider, is deciding on the edge contour of the countertop.  At FMI Marble & Granite in Valley Stream, there are many edge profiles that they router cut to finish the stone that also enhances the beauty of countertops and complement the style of a kitchen or bath. 

The single ogee and double ogee edge are elegantly-carved favorites that continue to be popular for homeowners seeking a more detailed profile.  More and more, people are opting for the easier-to-care-for engineered stones rather than the higher maintenance marbles and granites. Current there is a trend toward beveled or eased edges, giving the stone a thicker look. 

Edges such as the half bullnose and the bevel edge are favored since they are easier to preserve.  For added pizzazz and when the budget allows a mitered edge with a return waterfall is becoming very popular. 


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